José Dorantes


Anaheim, CA


Keep my 4th generación Mexican street taco business alive in California.


I’m Jose Dorantes I was brought to the USA at 5 years old, I never felt I belong here but I don’t feel welcome in Mexico either, my roots come from Mexico city and Guerrero, I’m raised in Anahiem CA and now living in Santa Ana CA , my grandfather passed away in Mexico being a street taco vender so I’m into this by soul blood and heart , our business name is TACOS DORANTES in memory of my grandfather Guillermo Dorantes, my dad Guillermo Dorantes jr showed me the ways since I didn’t like going to school lol but I know I have a purpose in life and that’s keeping my family and culture alive, I have my last name tattoo in my arm I’m so dedicated to this, we don’t do it for money but my dream is to put my grandfather last name in the map,

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