Bighead’s Guide to the Galaxy




Glendale, AZ


My name is Rozotadi and I’m an independent artist aiming to fund my debut EP, Bighead’s Guide to the Galaxy, Vol. 1. Let’s be real: it takes resources to create things like this; visual production, marketing, merch, shipping, and everything else, all come with a price tag. The money will cover post-production costs such as securing high-quality designs, branding material, merchandise, packaging, marketing, and distribution for the EP. The whole thing. The EP has been mastered and sent to distributors. What’s left is the critical work that happens in post-production. Post-production means music video creation, marketing activities, merchandise production, travel expenses, and more. BGTTG V1 has the potential to touch 1000’s of communities, but only with your help, and the support of highly localized communities. This EP has been a long time coming. After a literal 10,000 hours of hard work, we’ve finally landed on the sixth and final iteration which we’re calling Bighead’s Guide to the Galaxy, Vol. 1. During my 9-year career, I’ve been an independent artist, free of a record label interfering in my creative process. In order to succeed, funding is essential to record and release. The 2020 pandemic has made it even more challenging for working artists–especially independent ones–to reach the finish line on ambitious creative projects. That’s why I’m here, asking you for support to aid in sharing my thoughts through synthesis into the everyday — experiences, woven into a tapestry of words, music, and media.

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