Blessings for The Homeless


Alexandro Lujan


La Puenta, CA


Help me on my mission.

My name is Alexandro but more people call me Alex, in 2019 I started working delivering packages for Logistics LLC as an Amazon out side contractor. I’m 53yrs old trying to do the work of a 20 something year old, needless to say I was not up to par. On the day I was fired Mr. and Mrs. Smith said to me ” I hate to let you go because you have a great attitude and people like you are hard to find.” One hour later they called me back to ask me if I would be willing to do a special assignment for the company, and the Mission Resource Team was born.

We have distributed over 700 blessing bags this year. A blessing bag are a ziplock bag filled with essentials like, tooth brush with tooth paste, t-shirt , a pair of socks, can food, assorted snacks and more. On July 3rd we Delivered over 300 ‘Thank You’ boxes to the Troops at March Air Reserve base in Riverside CA. Amazon heard about what we do and they pledged to match what we do this year, we plan on doing 2020 bags or more this year. We have limited resources so I try to work as much over time as I can and also collect recyclables.

I know this money will not eradicate homelessness or stop all hunger, but it could help a lot.

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