Bosco : the process of creativity


Edgar Rangel Rosales


Richmond, CA


If I won the $10,000 I would use that money to move out my fiancé’s parents house and into my own place I can call home. A place where I can create anything from everything I have written down in my idea notebook. I’m a DACA dreamer so for me I’ve always had big dreams and my ambitions my hunger to get to the top has always been there. Im just here to shoot my shot and see where this takes me. Even if I don’t win being a freestyler in dance , I’d love to be in your cerveza Montejo beer commercials promoting your brand. Another thing I want to bring into light is the concept of method dancing. Just like method acting it’s done in a way where the dancer fully immerses himself or herself into the music and let’s loose. I would love to go more in details as to what method dancing is and elevate your brand to the next level! I’m not asking for compensation just experience and a shot to become of something bigger 🙂

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