Bringing Back Manners & Chivalry


Nick Miranda


Needles, AZ


I would finishing starting up my brand I began to build. The brand name is called Good Ol Boys. I wanted to bring light to the younger generations and new fathers out there on raising there boys to be well mannered gentlemen. It’s not just another brand out there but a movement. A brand that dads and kids can wear and take pride in knowing they are well mannered gentleman. I feel that I deserve to win because I have faced so many tough obstacles in my life and I never let the hold me down. I lost my mother to suicide 3 years ago due to a drug addiction. My father has struggled with alcoholism my whole life. My siblings have bother be incarcerated multiple times and I’ve never let the blur my vision. I’ve never asked for handouts. I’ve always worked hard for what I have. I am 26 years old and I managed to buy two homes and provide for my family to live a good life

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