Chile Verde


Vicky Loza


Bakersfield, CA


I’ve been wanting to start my own business but get stuck for lack of funds. I have always worked in fast food but now it’s time to make my own path. I have made many different types of food and enjoy feeding people and making them happy. Chile Verde happens to be one of my favorite things to make and I have my very own special recipe that many people love. I want to share my food with everyone and start my own little business. It will help my family out so much and will be life changing! We have gone through almost everything in the past few years and are grateful for all the little bumps because each teaches us how to handle different situations, we have gone from losing everything. We have lost our home, vehicles, furniture and we even lost a child. We are now in a better place with our own home and vehicles and my other children are in good health!

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