Fighting for Mental Health


Caesar Gonzalez


Hesperia, CA


I would use the prize money to buy a quality camera to record our Mental Health Podcast, Films, & media projects. The timing is perfect as we just started remodeling our Mental Health Boxing Gym named “The Self Care Lab”. This money would be able to leap my work straight into production and get the ball rolling. The podcast is going to be huge. Deep discussions with doctors, psychiatrist, Athletes, All types of Artist, & celebrities about their opinions on mental health and their testimonies. The film equipment will also be used to develop our reality series for our USA amateur boxing team and their journey In the fight game and how it’s had an impact on their mental health with ideals that we practice. This platform is intended to be a bigger than you can imagine. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that we’re suffering a mental health crisis as a planet. As a behavioral therapist and a Boxer I’m going to be a testament of my own work and beliefs and LITERALLY fight for what I believe in. Supporting and funding this idea is seriously going to ignite a fire that is going to change the world. Who doesn’t love a good fight with a great back story ? This will be the most entertaining and insightful approach to mental health. The perfect balance of entertainment, art, intelligence, & just a smidge of violence lol This platform WILL BECOME a multi million dollar platform that will fund major projects that bring all types of talented artist , athletes , & intellects to help make MENTAL HEALTH mainstream and easy to understand. Regardless of the outcome I AM COMING. So it’d mean a lot to help me now or even support by following on IG. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Bless your soul and have a beautiful day. The fight continues…

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