Finding Happiness


James Kostrzewa


Santa Monica, CA


The Montejo brand to me represents a collective of artists and go-getters who will stop at nothing to pursue their dreams. While I continue to push and create by any means necessary, being awarded this grant would give me the means I need to take my work and to the next level and keep creating at the pace that I am growing. I have converted my garage into a shop and you can find me there most hours of the day. I feel very fortunate to say that my hard work has paid off and I have now outgrown this space while I gain more commissioned works. The Montejo grant would allow me to rent a proper shop space and showroom, where I am able to work on all of my projects and store both materials and tools. Likewise, materials and tools are extremely expensive so being awarded this grant would go towards investing in these for future projects. With the help of the Montejo grant, I feel that it would really provide me with the opportunity to continue progressing as an artist without any limitations.

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