Hell and back


Anthony Trejo


Pomona, CA


I live in Pomona California and I stay in the projects I had gotten out of prison May 20th of 2019 and recently got off of probation on May 21st 2020 when I had gotten out my friend had a platform at a local dive bar and that’s when I dived into my craft I’ve excelled rapidly and others can see as well I’m in a group called The individuals and where a group of artists from the Pomona California area that join forces to change the world with our music and we feel we need a better creative space with better equipment and right representation so we can distribute our music with a major label we’re not making music with no meaning behind it when making music that’s going to make people think and awaken it’s only a matter of time and with your guys’s help and our creative ideas we can make something happened with the prize money and more thank you for your guys time my name is Anthony Trejo but I am an artist that goes by the name of dubsandup there is a bunch more to the story believe me but only so much I can say if you guys would like to hear more please email me once again I want to thank you guys for the opportunity also as well we are Indie artists so meaning all the stuff that we have out now we have distributed ourselves copyrighted register and the whole nine I also do the photography and the artwork for the album covers and mixtape covers I’m also very handy with Photoshop and a couple other Adobe programs if you give me the tools I will give you product!

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