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Julius Blair


Mesa, AZ


The 10k would allow me to put together a marketing team to get to the customer base that I need to thrive. I would also use that more to hire more illustrators, editors, web designers, and animators to keep my Comics growing.

We all have a story we want to tell or a legacy we want to leave behind. Let me tell you about mine… My name is Julius and I have been working on making comics since I was 12 years old. It was always a dream of mine to make movies but after looking into it I didn’t have the funds to start a project alone. So, I thought doing comics would be a better way to get out there. I also didn’t have the ability to draw and getting my ideals conveyed across wasn’t always easy but I just knew that this was something I wanted to do. So, I worked at it by writing, editing, writing and editing and writing some more create stories I was proud of.

Well after all that hard work I was able to get one of my stories created which is the “One Armed Bandit” but I need help to get it completed, printed and get the word out there. So, it can be shared and appreciated for the great work that it is. I want to show how anything can be accomplished if you put your mind to it. We all have issues in life and we have to overcome them to go forward in life. This project is already 90% completed. At this time, I have gone as far as I can on my own.

I created Jayden based off the thought that no matter what live give you as long as your alive you can make a difference. He wants to bring the world into balance and even though the task is impossible at times he fights to make his difference. He finds ways to overcome his disadvantages even when the odds aren’t in his favor. I hope you will enjoy the Comic “One Armed Bandit” as much as I have creating and growing with it.

The Risk that I face is that the “One Armed Bandit” comic won’t get off the ground and all the time I have spent creating it will have gone unnoticed. If I’m not able to get it funded, I won’t be able to get the comics out to the group of people that I feel would appreciate it most.

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