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this money isn’t just for me. THIS MONEY IS NOT JUST FOR ME‼️This money is for me & MY PEOPLE‼️ I’ve spend 4 days contemplating on what I want to write, and trying so without tears. But that’s not possible. This money would start my button business and help start others in my community. #LOVETHYNEIGHBOR is my motto that I am carrying with me u til I see my grave.
July 9th 2020 I was sexually assaulted in my neighborhood. As I cried out for help in my white neighborhood in Marin County, no one came out to the rescue or even to see if I was okay after police arrived. Instead a black man came running from a block away because he heard my voice. I explained to him what happened and 💥binkk💥 the man fell to the floor. Now I do not condone to violence especially black on brown, but in this situation I was in shock. I did not know that my kind gesture, a simple “hello” would lead me to getting sexually assaulted. When the police arrived, they did not arrive because a woman was crying out for help. No the police arrived because they receive a call of “a black man fighting in the street “. My heart sank I felt DISGUSTED and DISAPPOINTED in my community. How dare they make a phone call without checking the scene, I cried out from the top of my lungs and still NO ONE came out. Two days after the SA, I experienced constant traumatic flashbacks. Just the usual routine I’ve gone through in life. Not just from the SA but also from the racial injustice and ignorance displayed from my community. I never had a chance here in Marin County, I was stamped at age 13 and placed as ward of the court in the juvenile system. Stripped mentally, emotionally, and physically from my single mother. It’s no longer a feeling, it’s me now knowing that what my community, what the system did to my life and my family’s lives was completely wrong
I’ve experienced being sexually exploited as a youth, being bullied by white supremacy teachers/ adults/ police, suicide thoughts/attempts were normal to me, my disruptive behavior was seen as violent but really was a cry for help. I’ve experienced homelessness as a young mother, going from a unstable mental family dynamics to a homeless shelter to pregnant sleeping in my car. Far more to share but so little time.
My experiences made me. I am not ashamed nor mad about that. I share my story because
I have learned to BREED MY PAIN INTO STRENGTH and I know it’ll do magic to someone’s ears.
With my button business I will continue to provide free buttons to my community to raise awareness and educate those who come before and after me. Raising awareness especially for black and brown brothers and sisters, educating them about mental health and safe and healthy ways to cope with illness, as well as suicide prevention. The money will go to purchasing more supplies and button makers as well as help provide stipends for youth to help me provide free buttons as a job. The money will help me provide a stable living for me and my daughters, I ( WE) deserve a healthy stable housing. I will be able to purchase a car and pay for full coverage insurance the legal way. I will invest in my education as well as my daughters education. But most of all I will provide assistance to my community when needed for any occasion, and I will continue to spread love and awareness until I lose my voice‼️

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