Life After Active Addiction


Jim Hernandez


Los Angeles, CA


I go to Transitional Rehab Facilities & Homeless Shelters for pregnant homeless women often. I speak and donate clothing to the people calling these places home as they get their lives back together after Alcohol/Drug addiction. The Transitional Rehab Facilities take in men that are either just getting out of prison or off the streets of Homelessness. It helps get them clean and supports them while they try to transition themselves into being able to be functioning members of society again. These programs have very little funding and the men come in with the clothes on their back and little else. Often they are in their prison jumpsuits still. So getting them a fresh pair of underwear, clean pair of socks and a couple new shirts goes very far in restoring a persons dignity. This small step then helps give them a little confidence to strive for more and work towards a healthy & productive life after active addiction. I spend 3-5 hours in these facilities each time I visit and I always come with at least 100 items of clothing to give away as I speak with the men, sharing my experience/strength/Hope.

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