Mammas Xingonas Podcast


Janet Farias-Rodriguez


Arroyo Grande, CA


Thank You So Much For this Opportunity! So Grateful to have Opportunities like these! I would use the Money to Upgrade My Podcast Game! I need to Continue to bring Woman Together so that We ALL can Thrive Together! We are more than Just Woman, we are more than just a Monday – Friday 9-5! we are more than Just a Mom! I cant emphasis this enough! We Woman need to continue to bring one another up! Stop the Hate! stop the Competition! we are all so Unique and Beautiful in our own Way! and Now More than ever! It needs to be Spoken on! We all Have a story to tell, we all have a Journey, and it needs to be talked about. I want to have a Nice Studio where I can Actually Host Guest not just Have Recorded Phone Conversations, actually take it to the Cameras and have all the equipment needed to have a Very Great Successful Podcast. Please Give me the Opportunity to make my Goals Become a Reality! Thank You.

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