Searching For Hope


Leo Casas


Los Angeles, CA


I’d use the money to replace much needed equipment like climbing rope, harneses, gloves, kneepads, binoculars, dried food, and obtain much needed safety equipment like a gps beacon. On top of that the prize money would also be used to fund much longer searches and provide food and supplies to the searchers involved.


Hello! My name is Leo Casas and I’m from Van Nuys, California. I’m an individidual that is passionate about assisting others and that is why I created the Youtube channel Immortal Investigations. The channel’s main focus to is to promote awareness. I strive to make it into an organization that will have like minded people that can volunteer their time and their skill sets to help others in need. Currently, the channel is focused on assisting a family with their missing son.

As mentioned in the video above, law enforcement agencies and emergency services are often limited on the time that can be spent on one particular person, and I strive to change that.
The media and law enforcement agencies initially cover a story with great interest but unfortunately like most families know, interest in their family members fades away and I’d like to be there to offer a helping hand. By taking my passion for film and helping others, I would like to translate the affected families story into video form for others to watch and understand.

Since this is self-funded, Immortal Investigations faces several difficulties. Searching has stopped due to worn equipment, and we have to constantly replace items like gloves, kneepads, harnesses and other climbing gear.

If you have made it this far, come check out the channel on Youtube, at Immortal Investigations. Thank you.

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