The Road Home


Kelly LeBlanc


Las Vegas, NV


I am submitting my story in efforts to not only be heard but to be seen in the light needed to make real lasting change in the world. Financial support and awards would help propel and showcase my artistic abilities. I firmly believe I deserve to win based on my drive and belief in myself that I can and will change the world with my creativity and experiences. I served this country for a decade keeping American civilians safe and now it’s time this country serves me and my dreams. I deserve this opportunity because of all the sacrifices I have paid for living on this planet. After coming out of the military, the world makes me feel like my service is not valued. People love to say they support the troops but have a really shitty way of showing veterans respect and gratitude for what we have gone through for this country. We delay our dreams so that everyone else can have freedom and protection. As a military veteran & lesbian woman of color, this country has treated me and those like me as if we are the lowest level of human on earth. We are not heard, not seen, not respected, and not protected. I spent three years homeless living on the street, researching, writing, making connections, and working on a solution to solve this world’s problems. I deserve this award money so that I can purchase the necessary tools, team & camera equipment to create a documentary on the real truths behind the pandemic of homelessness and other pressing issues that I am strongly passionate about. I am driven to be the type of filmmaker that is remembered for creating a massive consciousness shift that has a lasting impression on generations to come. Let me also add that this magical black girl loves to drink beer!

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