The Small Axe Co


Michael Alvarado


Sherman Oaks, CA


With this prize money The Small Axe Co. will be able to continue improving the clothing that we produce and spreading positive messages of overcoming obstacles. Being an independent brand, it takes personal investments so that control of our brand is not lost or given away for monetary reasons. This prize money will be crucial in keeping control and carving out our own path as a company. We work with sustainable fabrics, dye houses, clothing printers and seamstresses that are able to make a living wage. Yes, these methods are more costly, that is why not many people are working with sustainable, local fabrics but, to us there is no other option. The garment industry is the number two greatest polluter of our local freshwater and The Small Axe Co. is working to change that narrative by doing our best to look into and research what we are putting out into the world. In these times we are living in it is important to place people and our environment over profit and that is what differentiates us with our clothing brand.

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